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25Grams Bakery FAQ

What Cake Size Should I get?

6” -> 6-8 pax (normal size) , 8-10 pax (party size)
8” -> 8-12 pax (normal size) , 18-25 pax (party size)
10” -> 10-18 pax (normal size) , 30-35 pax (party size)
12” -> 50-60 pax (party size)

Normal Size ~ 2x2", Party Size ~ 1x2"

Cake sizes are measured base on cake tins used. Discrepancies can occur during the process of baking & cooling.

What is the lead time?

Regular bakes : 3 days
Customized bakes : 2 weeks

Place Rushed Orders via WhatsApp 92360448 (subjected to slot availability and express charges).

How long can I keep my bakes for?

Products are always best consumed on the day of your collection/delivery. Store your cakes/cupcakes in a closed box in the refrigerator. Leave them to sit for a bit to room temperature before consumption. Products consumed straight from the refrigerator will be cold, hard and dry.(Especially for our regular cakes as we use butter cakes, not sponge cakes.)

For Cakes: best consumed within 1-3 days
For Cupcakes: best consumed within 1-2 days
Fondant and print cakes can be kept out in an aircon room for up to 3 hours. Fondant and prints are sugar-based products and will absorb moisture.

Regarding Allergies (Vegan +/or Gluten Free Bakes)

Whilst we do take care during baking of allergen products and do use hot wash cycles during dishwashing, please note that:
1) Packagings of ingredients carry disclaimers regarding potential cross handling in factories
2) Cakes are produced in a kitchen that handles gluten/eggs/dairy/nuts.
3) All bakes are baked in the same oven.
Hence we do not recommended our bakes for people with extreme food allergies.

All About Collections

We are at: #01-14 Aperia Mall, 12 Kallang Ave, S’339511

COVID shop hours until further notice. Deliveries are available outside our operating hours (refer to product page) (Closed PH).
Any order(s) not collected will be available for collection on our next collection business day. For food safety reasons, any products not collected after 2 days will be discarded with no refunds offered.

All About Deliveries
1) We use a 3rd party delivery car service. Deliveries are flat rate, $20-25/location, $35 for Sentosa/Changi. 
2) Incorrect/Incomplete delivery addresses or orders not received as per scheduled and result in re-delivery will have a $30 re-delivery charge (This covers the cake being returned to us and dispatched a 2nd time). The next available delivery slot will be arranged.
3) Products are delivered straight from our fridge to your premise(s) to minimize damage during transit. Cold cakes consumed straight from the fridge will have a stiff and firm texture. To best enjoy them, leave them to sit to a cool room temperature before consumption. Large cakes can take up to 1.5 hours to sit to cool room temperature.
4) Please check the product when receiving the order. In event that the product is damaged, give us a call immediately so we can rectify it. No claims may be made against delivery provider/shop once the product has been accepted by the customer and leaves our supply chain as we will be unable to ascertain handling treatment of the product. If client has left instructions to leave items with a 3rd party e.g. guard house or concierge etc, we will not be able to guarantee that the products are handled correctly after the handover and hence will relinquish responsibility of final product received by client. 
5) Bags may not be provided for large or odd-sized cakes as they may be damaged if not hand-carried.
Payment Methods
1) Credit Card through the website
2) PayNow to Mobile #92360448 (25Grams)
Please take a screenshot your payment and send it to us, we will get back with a confirmation email after.
*All orders have to be paid in full before orders are confirmed*
Cancellation Policy & Order Amendments

General cake orders : With at least 72 hours notice prior to dispatch/collection.
Custom cakes: No amendments will be accommodated after 24hours of the order being processed and confirmed.

There's a lot going on behind the scenes and the chances of orders getting mucked up from amendments are high.

We completely understand that you might have a change in circumstances or a cancellation of the event you are celebrating. However, each baker has limited capacity and by taking on your order, we will turn away other business, as well as potentially incurring costs in relation to your order.
General cake orders:
If you would like to cancel, and give 5 days' notice, we will refund the entire cost of the order less a $5 or 5% gateway/admin fee (min $5), and the baker's reasonable costs incurred to that point. 
If you would like to cancel within 5 days of delivery/collection, we are not obliged to give any refund. Any refunds will be at our sole discretion sans the baker's reasonable costs (including opportunity cost from orders turned down) and a 5% gateway/admin fee.
General rule of thumb for general cake cancellations less than 72 hours but more than 48 hours: 10% deduction, 90% refund in store credit with a 3 month validity.

Strictly no refund / cancellation allowed 48 hours before order dispatch/collection date as items are made to order specially for you.
Customised cakes of any sort are non-refundable once orders are processed and confirmed. 

Customized Bakes

Send us your details via our online form. 
We do not replicate bakes 100%. We use your images as inspiration to create our take on cakes. All cakes are handcrafted and unique. As such, final products naturally differ from the original images. 

Customized / taller cakes will contain support structures inside the cake to hold the layers and stabilize the cake. These usually come in the form of bubble tea straws (between 2-5 straws, depending on the size of the cake.) Standing design elements e.g. fondant figurines usually contain support structures to secure them to the cake.

Please do not ask us to take pictures of your cakes so you can see it before collection/delivery. We do not offer this service.

Customized Cake Care

Fondant: Fondant is a sugar based product that will become tacky when it absorbs moisture. Cakes can be left in an aircon room (lower humidity) for up to 3hours from the time of delivery, after which it should be stored in the cake box in the fridge.

Printed Image: Images are printed on sugar sheets that will absorb moisture. Image colours might seep if the cake is kept for more than 3 days.

Photo Image Printing

25Grams acts as the customer’s agent to print a single edible image for use on the customer’s cake and any liability for copyright infringement is that of the customer.

While all efforts are made to produce the best possible image from your file, please be mindful that we are using water-based food colours on sugar/starch icing sheets (this differs from normal printer inks and paper). Image quality and colour matching are variable and cannot be used as grounds for a return / credit.

About Dessert tables

Send us an email with details of your event (number of pax, event theme or any photos of what you like, event date, time and address).

Website Product photos

Photos on the website are for illustration purposes only. Our products are hand crafted and might differ from the photos.

Chocolate decorations used may vary and are subjected to availability. As of 2021 we are using Valhrona chips in place of chocolate decor.

25Grams Bakery reserves the right to use any of our photos of our products and set ups.

Are we Halal ?

Our Kitchen is not halal certified but we do have our regular muslim customers and work in a pork-free kitchen.


We do strive to get back to you ASAP. Any correspondences received after shop hours will be considered as next-day correspondence and handled on our next business day. Please expect a delay during peak production/festive periods. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Not applicable till next season, 2022.