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Custom Cupcakes

Custom Cupcakes : Printed images | Fondant toppers

from 80/dozen

More photos on our instagram and facebook pages.

Fill the Form (Page bottom) or Drop us an email or whatsapp  (92360448) with the following details: 

  • Contact Details
  • Delivery Date
  • Delivery Address and Time (2 hour window) 
  • Number of Cupcakes
  • Fondant toppers or Printed Cupcakes ?
  • Cupcake Flavour (1 flavour per dozen)
  • Cupcake Designs (up to 4 per dozen)
  • Examples of what you like

We need a lead time of at least 2 Weeks for all custom cupcakes.


Please note that photos provided will be used as reference for your cake creation. As cakes are handcrafted and our chefs are unique cake artists, we will only be able to do our very best to recreate someone else's cake ideas and as such, final products will differ from the original photo. 


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