Fondant Message Cookies

Fondant Message Cookies

Simply email us ( with details/ fill in form below and we will get back to you:

  1. Your contact Details
  2. Delivery Date & Time
  3. Quantity Required
  4. Message on Cookie
  5. Colour Theme For Fondant
  6. Any photo examples of what you like

General Cookie Specs: 

  1.  Flavour: Chocolate Butter Cookies
  2. Size: Generally Square, Approx 6.5cm (unless shapes are requested)
  3. Lead Time: 2 Weeks min.
  4. Packaging: Individually packed in clear baggies, finished with a twist
  5. Shelf Life: Approx 3 weeks from date of delivery
  6. Minimum order: 25pc

** More photos available on our instagram.  


Photos provided will be used as reference for your order. As bakes are handcrafted by our unique bake artists, we can only do our best to recreate someone else's ideas. As such, final products will differ from the original photo. 

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